YOPE Hair Mask Oat Milk / YOPE 燕麥奶髮膜
YOPE Hair Mask Oat Milk / YOPE 燕麥奶髮膜
YOPE Hair Mask Oat Milk / YOPE 燕麥奶髮膜
YOPE Hair Conditioner Oat Milk / YOPE 燕麥奶護髮素 - Xavi Soap

YOPE Hair Mask Oat Milk / YOPE 燕麥奶髮膜

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Restore natural softness and and hydration of the hair

Sometimes hair looks good right after shampooing, but becomes unruly after a few hours. This is a sign that they need hydration. We have developed a mask that retains moisture without weighing it down and helps your hair regain its natural beauty and softness in no time.
Moisturizes and facilitates detangling

Wheat amino acids and  Aura Z extract intensely moisturize. The unique Illipe butter restores shininess and elasticity

Product instructions
Distribute the appropriate amount of the mask on the hair from the middle of the length to the ends. Relax for 3-5 minutes - it's time for all the wonderful ingredients to take effect. Then rinse with water. Use 2-3 times a week.


有時洗髮後頭髮看起來很好,但幾個小時後變得不守規矩。 這表明他們需要補水。 我們開發了一種膜,可以保持水分而不會壓低頭髮,幫助您的頭髮立即恢復自然美感和柔軟度。

小麥氨基酸和 Aura Z 提取物強效保濕。 獨特的 Illipe 黃油可恢復光澤和彈性

將適量的膜從頭髮中間到髮尾分佈。 放鬆 3-5 分鐘 - 是時候讓所有美妙的成分發揮作用了。 然後用水沖洗。 每週使用 2-3 次。