YOPE Hair Mask Oriental Garden / YOPE 東方花園髮膜
YOPE Hair Mask Oriental Garden / YOPE 東方花園髮膜
YOPE Hair Mask Oriental Garden / YOPE 東方花園髮膜
YOPE Hair Conditioner Oriental Garden / YOPE 東方花園護髮素 - Xavi Soap

YOPE Hair Mask Oriental Garden / YOPE 東方花園髮膜

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See how your hair becomes regenerated and linique

When your hair is damaged and the ends are splitting, conditioner alone is not enough. Maintain their healthy appearance and softness at least once a week, give them a few minutes with a regenerating mask. The one that you hold deeply nourishes and smells beautiful, so you will repeat this ritual with pleasure.

Regenerates and smoothes
Vegan keratin and natural squalane contained in the formula are like a dressing for your damaged hair - help to fill the cavities surface of the fiber, protecting it from damage, and make it more flexible.

Product instructions
Distribute the appropriate amount of the mask on the hair from the middle of the length to the ends. Relax for 3-5 minutes - it's time for all the wonderful ingredients to take effect. Then rinse with water. Use 2-3 times a week.


當你的頭髮受損並且髮梢分叉時,僅使用護髮素是不夠的。 每周至少一次保持它們的健康外觀和柔軟度,給它們幾分鐘的再生髮膜。 你所持有的那個東方花園髮膜滋養和聞起來很美,所以你會很高興地重複這個髮儀式。

配方中所含的純素角蛋白和天然角鯊烷就像是受損頭髮的敷料 - 有助於填充纖維的空腔表面,保護其免受損壞,並使其更加柔韌。

將適量的膜從頭髮中間到髮尾分佈。 放鬆 3-5 分鐘 - 是時候讓所有美妙的成分發揮作用了。 然後用水沖洗。 每週使用 2-3 次。