YOPE 椴樹身體乳霜/ YOPE Body Butter Linden
YOPE 椴樹身體乳霜/ YOPE Body Butter Linden
YOPE 椴樹身體乳霜/ YOPE Body Butter Linden
YOPE Body Butter Boswellia & Rosemary / YOPE 乳香迷迭香身體乳霜 - Xavi Soap

YOPE 椴樹身體乳霜/ YOPE Body Butter Linden

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天然滋潤身體乳霜 - 再生的日常護理配方,適合中性至非常乾燥的皮膚,提供持久的水分,深層營養和優雅的香氣。




Natural nourishing body butter - regenerating daily care formula for normal to very dry skin delivers lasting moisture, deep nourishment and an elegant fragrance.

Scent characteristics
Floral, herbaceous and uplifting, like sun-kissed linden blossoms on a warm spring day.

What nourishes your body?
Antioxidant linden blossom extract protects against free radicals, moisture loss and damage to the skin’s natural lipid barrier. Extracts of flax seed, marigold flowers and chamomile have a soothing effect and speed regeneration. Formulated with deeply moisturising and nourishing ingredients, including coconut, olive and avocado oils, plus ultra-rich shea and murumuru butters. Delivers vitamins and lipids that strengthen and regenerate the skin’s natural protective barrier. With plant-based glycerine for moisture that lasts all day.

What is the product free from?
YOPE natural body butter does not contain parabens, silicones, colorants, SLESs and SLSs.