Terms and Conditions 條款及細則

Legal Notices 法律聲明

Terms of Use
The information contained within this document relates to the Xavi Soap online store located at www.xavisoap.com, operated by Xavi Era Limited and trading as Xavi Soap.
The Terms of Trade relevant to our other regions can be found in the footer of our international web stores. These can be accessed by selecting 'Shop Online' in the main menu, and choosing your region from the list that appears below.
Xavi Soap is the trading name for Xavi Era Limited (referred to in these terms and conditions as Xavi Soap).
By accessing any area of www.xavisoap.com you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the Xavi Soap Privacy Policy.
All purchases of any Products by you from this website are subject to these Terms of Use and the Xavi Soap Privacy Policy in addition to the Terms of Trade.

本文件所載資訊與以「Xavi Soap」為品牌經營的Xavi Soap香港有限公司(Xavi Era Limited)在www.xavisoap.com網站上經營的Xavi Soap香港網上商店有關。
關於我們其他地區的「交易條款」,請參閱Xavi Soap國際網上商店頁面的頁腳。用戶只需在主目錄中點選「網上購物」一欄,再於下方列表中點選所屬區域,即可進入相關頁面。
Xavi Soap乃莎菲時代有限公司(Xavi Era Limited)(在本條款及條件中稱為「Xavi Soap」)的商品名稱。
登入www.xavisoap.com任何版面,即表示您同意遵守本使用條款及Xavi Soap私隱政策。
除「交易條款外」,用戶在本網站選購任何產品時,亦須遵守本使用條款及Xavi Soap私隱政策。

The content of this website is general and is provided for information purposes only. The material on this website is not and should not be regarded as advice, including legal or medical advice. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Xavi Soap does not give any express or implied warranties and makes no representations in relation to this website. In particular, while reasonable care is taken in its preparation, Xavi Soap does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or currency of the information on this website or its usefulness in achieving any purpose. Information on this website should not be used without validating that information from appropriate sources and obtaining professional advice where it is prudent to do so. You should make and rely upon your own assessments and enquires to verify the accuracy of the information provided.
In addition, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Xavi Soap does not warrant that the website itself is free from any computer viruses or other defects or that your access to the website will be continuous or uninterrupted. Xavi Soap accepts no liability arising from your access to this website.

本網站內容為一般資訊,僅供用戶參考。本網站的任何資料並非建議,用戶亦不應將其視為建議(包括法律或醫療建議)。在法律允許的最大範圍內,Xavi Soap既不對本網站作出明示或默示保證,亦不就其作出任何聲明。具體而言,Xavi Soap雖已採取合理審慎的態度製作本網站,卻不會就本網站的資訊的準確性、可靠性、完整性或及時性,以及其基於任何目的之可用性作出任何擔保或保證。為謹慎起見,在運用本網站任何資訊前,用戶應核實資訊乃來自適當來源,及取得專業建議,否則用戶不應運用本網站任何資訊。在驗證網站資訊的準確性時,用戶應自行作出評估及查詢,並依照該等評估及查詢作適當判斷。
此外,在法律允許的最大範圍內,Xavi Soap不保證其網站本身不存在任何電腦病毒或其他缺陷,亦不保證用戶可連續地、不受干擾地瀏覽本網站。
對於用戶因瀏覽本網站所引起的任何問題,Xavi Soap概不負責。

Limitation of Liability
Subject to the provisions of consumer protection legislation that cannot be excluded, Xavi Soap accepts no liability arising from the information on this website, or on websites linked from this website, being incorrect, incomplete or misleading. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Xavi Soap will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expense incurred in or arising by reason of any person relying on the information on this website. Where conditions and warranties implied by law cannot be excluded, Xavi Soap limits its liability, where it is entitled to do so, to the resupply of the relevant service and goods, or paying you the cost of that resupply.

在符合保障消費者的法例中不可豁免的條文規定的前提下,對於本網站資訊及本網站連結所提供的資訊有任何失實、不完整或誤導成份,Xavi Soap概不負責。 在法律允許的最大範圍內,對於任何人士因依賴本網站資訊而招致或引起任何損失、損害、成本或費用,Xavi Soap概不負責。如法律所默示的條件及保證無法免除,則Xavi Soap在其權利範圍之內將其應負責任限制於重新提供相關服務及貨物或支付重新提供相關服務及貨物所引致的成本。

Intellectual Property
All content on this website, including text, graphics, logos, photographs, audio and video clips and data compilations is the property of Xavi Soap or its affiliates or its content suppliers and is protected by international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of Xavi Soap or its affiliates and is protected by international copyright laws.

本網站一切內容,包括文字、圖像、標誌、照片、音頻及視像片段,以及數據匯編,均屬Xavi Soap、其相關聯公司或其內容供應商所有,並受到國際版權法的保護。本網站所有內容匯編乃Xavi Soap或其相關聯公司的專有財產,受到國際版權法保護。

Xavi Soap and all related graphics, photographs, logos, and product and service names are trade marks (both registered and unregistered) of Xavi Soap or its affiliates. These trade marks, logos and other proprietary graphics may not be used in connection with any other product or service without Xavi Soap’s express prior written consent.

Xavi Soap及所有相關圖像、照片、標誌、產品及服務名稱均為Xavi Soap或其相關聯公司的商標(包括註冊及未註冊商標)。未經Xavi Soap明確作出事先書面同意,不得將此等商標、標誌及其他專有圖像用於與任何其他產品或服務。

License and Site Access
Xavi Soap grants you a limited licence to access and make personal use of this site and not to download (other than page caching or to access wholesale inquiry forms designed for downloading) or modify it, or any portion of it, except with Xavi Soap's express prior written consent. This licence does not include any resale or commercial use of this site or its contents; any collection and use of any product listings, descriptions or prices; any derivative use of this site or its contents; any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another merchant; or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools. This site or any portion of this site may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without express prior written consent of Xavi Soap. You may not use any metatags or any other hidden text using Xavi Soap's name or trademarks without Xavi Soap's express prior written consent. Any unauthorised use will automatically terminate the licence granted above.
You are granted a limited, revocable, and non-exclusive right to create a hyperlink to www.xavisoap.com or www.xavisoap.com so long as the link does not portray Xavi Soap, its affiliates, or their products or services in a false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise offensive manner. If requested by Xavi Soap, you must remove any hyperlink to this website contained on your website or any other digital content. You may not use any Xavi Soap logo or other proprietary graphic or trade mark as part of the link without Xavi Soap's express prior written consent.

Xavi Soap授予用戶登入本網站及作個人使用的有限許可;未經Xavi Soap明確作出事先書面同意,用戶不得下載(頁面緩存或瀏覽可供下載的批發查詢表格除外)、修改本網站或當中任何部分。此許可並不包括對以下行為的認可:轉售本網站或其內容、對本網站或其內容作商業利用;收集及使用任何產品列表、說明或價格;對本網站或其內容的任何衍生利用;為其他商家利益而下載或複製用戶資料;使用任何數據開採、機械人技術或類似的數據收集及抽取工具。未經Xavi Soap明確作出事先書面同意,本網站或當中任何部分均不得被轉載、複製、出售、轉售、瀏覽或為其他商業目的作出其他用途。未經Xavi Soap明確作出事先書面同意,用戶不得使用任何含有Xavi Soap名稱或商標的元標簽或任何其他隱藏文本。任何未經授權的使用,將自動終止上文述及所授予的許可。
用戶被授予一有限的、可撤銷的及非獨有的權利,以建立一個可連接到www.xavisoap.com的超連結;條件是該連結不得以虛假、具誤導性、貶損或以其他冒犯的方式,就Xavi Soap、其相關聯公司、或旗下產品或服務作出渲染。經Xavi Soap要求下,用戶必須將個人網站或其他數碼載體上可連結至本網站的任何超連結移除。未經Xavi Soap明確作出事先書面同意,用戶不得將任何Xavi Soap標誌、其他專有圖像或商標用於任何連結中。

Third Party Websites
Xavi Soap may include links on this website to websites owned by other parties.
Xavi Soap is not in any way responsible for the material contained on these sites, nor is Xavi Soap responsible for the availability of these sites. Xavi Soap does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, including advertising or products offered on these sites, nor is Xavi Soap responsible for any damage, offence or loss caused as the result of visiting these websites.
Xavi Soap recommends that before you visit any website you check that your computer is running up-to-date virus checking software.

Xavi Soap或會在本網站中加入其他可連接至由其他方擁有的網站的連結。對於該等連結網站所載之內容,以及該等網站的可用情況,Xavi Soap概不負責。對於該等網站上的任何內容,包括廣告宣傳或產品內容,Xavi Soap一律不作出任何認可,亦不為其負上任何責任。對於因瀏覽該等網站所引致的任何損害、違法行為或損失,Xavi Soap亦概不負責。
Xavi Soap建議用戶在瀏覽任何網站之前,檢查電腦是否已安裝最新版本的防毒軟件。

Terms of Trade
If you purchase any products via this website, you must agree to Xavi Soap's Terms of Trade (see Shipping and Shopping).

如欲透過本網站選購任何產品,用戶必須同意接受Xavi Soap的交易條款(見「付運及購物」)。

You agree that Xavi Soap may use Personal Data provided by you via this website in the manner described in Xavi Soap's Privacy Policy.

用戶同意Xavi Soap可按照「Xavi Soap私隱政策」所述方式,利用該等用戶經本網站提供的個人資料。

Xavi Soap's credit card transactions are fulfilled by an authorized banking institution. Xavi Soap will not collect your credit card information. Our payment gateway provider will collect credit card information in an encrypted format via their secure server. Your credit card details are encrypted and stored for only 6 months.
Although Xavi Soap engages all reasonable efforts to safeguard the security of your information, transmissions made on or through the internet cannot be guaranteed to be entirely secure. Please contact your financial institution immediately if you become aware of unauthorised use of your account.
You will need to register to use certain parts of this website. When registering, you will be required to nominate a username and password. You must keep this username and password safe and must not disclose this information to any third party. If you become aware of unauthorised use of your account, please notify us immediately.

Xavi Soap的信用卡交易過程,乃通過經授權的銀行機構完成。Xavi Soap將不會收集用戶的信用卡資料。我們的付款通訊閘供應商將利用加密格式、經其安全的伺服器收集信用卡資料。用戶的信用卡資料將經加密處理,並只會存放6個月。
雖然Xavi Soap將盡其一切合理努力保證用戶個人資料的安全,但我們仍無法保證在互聯網或通過互聯網進行的資料傳輸是絕對安全的。一旦發現個人帳戶出現任何未經授權使用情況,用戶應立即聯絡相關金融機構。
If your web browser is set up to accept cookies, a cookie will be stored on your hard drive when you visit Xavi Soap's website. Cookies allow Xavi Soap to collect information about your computer, which may include your IP address (a number assigned to your computer when you register with an Internet Service Provider), type of browser, operating system, domain name, and the details of any website which has referred you to this website. Xavi Soap uses cookies to track and collect information about which parts of Xavi Soap's site and newsletter (including links to other websites) are being visited by you.
Cookies also allow Xavi Soap to recognise your computer while you are on Xavi Soap's site, and to send you to the country of origin and language you selected on your first visit to Xavi Soap's site. This information is used to maintain the quality of our service and to provide tracking and statistics regarding the use of our website. If you would rather not have this information stored on your computer, you can configure your browser so it does not accept cookies. However, if you disable cookies you may not be able to access all parts of this website, including the purchase section.

若用戶的個人瀏覽器設定為接受cookies,在用戶瀏覽Xavi Soap網站時,將有一段cookie儲存在其電腦硬盤上。Cookies允許Xavi Soap收集用戶的電腦資料,這可能包括用戶的IP地址(用戶電腦向互聯網服務供應商註冊時獲分配的一串數字)、瀏覽器類別、操作系統、域名以及任何將用戶連接至本網站的詳細資料。
Xavi Soap利用cookies追蹤及收集用戶所瀏覽的Xavi Soap網站頁面及通訊(包括其他網站連結)的資料。
Cookies並允許Xavi Soap在用戶登入Xavi Soap網站頁面時,辨識用戶電腦,以向用戶發送其首次瀏覽Xavi Soap網站頁面時所選擇的原屬國家及語言資料。該資訊將有助Xavi Soap維持其服務質素,並讓Xavi Soap獲得有關本網站使用情況的追蹤及統計資料。

Xavi Soap may vary these terms and conditions at any time by publishing a revised version of the terms and conditions on this website.
The law applicable to this website is the law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the courts competent to determine appeals from those courts, with respect to any proceedings that may be brought at any time in relation to these Terms of Use.
In case of dispute, the English language version of all Terms and Conditions shall precede the Chinese language version.

Xavi Soap可隨時透過在本網站上發佈本條款及條件的修訂版,修改本條款及條件。