YOPE Hand Soap (Kitchen) Parsley / YOPE 洋芫荽廚房洗手液
YOPE Hand Soap (Kitchen) Parsley / YOPE 洋芫荽廚房洗手液
YOPE Hand Wash (Kitchen) Clove / YOPE 丁香廚房洗手液 - Xavi Soap

YOPE Hand Soap (Kitchen) Parsley / YOPE 洋芫荽廚房洗手液

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Natural liquid kitchen soap - Moisturizes and regenerates.

Scent characteristic: a sentimental blend of fresh and spicy notes.

Natural parsley and fennel extracts clean, refresh, stimulate the skin for regeneration and perfectly nivelate unpleasant smells. Vitamin B5 and allantoin quickly soothe irritations, while moisturizing substances and neutral pH protect the skin from drying. A specially developed, neutral for skin and environment, vegetable ingredients formula, accelerates the breakdown of volatile particles with an unpleasant aroma and turns them into odourless particles - thanks to which the soap neutralizes kitchen odours.

天然廚房洗手液- 滋潤和再生