YOPE Shampoo Oat Milk (REFILL) / YOPE 燕麥奶洗髮水 (補充裝)
YOPE Shampoo Oat Milk / YOPE 燕麥奶洗髮水 - Xavi Soap

YOPE Shampoo Oat Milk (REFILL) / YOPE 燕麥奶洗髮水 (補充裝)

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Natural Shampoo for normal hair – strengthen the hair, add softness and glow, facilitate combing.

Scent characteristics
Idyllic, pleasant, natural, warm.

How it works?

The organic extracts from lime, avocado, fenugreek, fig and melon rich in valuable vitamins, flavonoids, mineral salts and mineral compounds complement each other and form a unique complex of active ingredients, which soothes and cares for the scalp, strengthens and softens the hair, facilitates combing and growth. The shampoo also contains the nourishing oat milk, hydrating natural ingredient sourced from corn sugar, as well as amino acids from wheat, which attract moisture, penetrate the hair and intensely hydrate it from the inside.

Do not contain: SLES, SLS, PEG, PRB, ingredients of animal origin. Free from silicone.

* Packaging in Polish language
** Refill packing used 70% less plastic than bottled product

適合普遍髮質的天然洗髮水 - 強化頭髮,增加柔軟度和光澤,便於梳理。



SLES, SLS, PEG, PRB, 動物成份及矽膠。

* 產品以波蘭文包裝出貨
** 補充包裝比樽裝用少70%塑膠