YOPE Shampoo Oriental Garden (REFILL) / YOPE 東方花園洗髮水 (補充裝)
YOPE Shampoo Oriental Garden / YOPE 東方花園洗髮水 - Xavi Soap

YOPE Shampoo Oriental Garden (REFILL) / YOPE 東方花園洗髮水 (補充裝)

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Natural Shampoo for dry, damaged and dull hair – nourish, hydrate, strengthen the hair and allow for easy combing.

Scent characteristics

Sensual flowery-wooden composition smells like the oriental garden warmed up by the sun.

How it works?

The natural extracts from rose, vanilla and sandalwood care for the scalp and regenerate it. The small particles of the plant keratin in the shampoo penetrate and  repair the damaged hair, and counteract free radicals. They prevent premature aging of hair. The natural hydrating ingredient, which penetrates the hair, rebuilds and strengthens it, adds elasticity and softness. The hair is more resistant to new damages. Thanks to the innovative polymer combing both wet and dry hair is much easier!

Do not contain: SLES, SLS, PEG, PRB, ingredients of animal origin. Free from silicone.

* Packaging in Polish language
** Refill packing used 70% less plastic than bottled product

天然洗髮水,適用於乾燥,受損和暗沉的頭髮 - 滋養,滋潤,強化頭髮,易於梳理。


玫瑰,香草的天然提取物和檀香護理頭皮並使其再生。 洗髮水中植物角蛋白的粒子穿透並修復受損的頭髮,並抵消自由基。它們可以防止頭髮過早老化,天然的保濕成分滲透頭髮,重建和強化它,增加彈性和柔軟,防止新的損傷。多得這創新的組合令梳理濕髮和乾髮都變得容易!

SLES, SLS, PEG, PRB, 動物成份及矽膠。

* 產品以波蘭文包裝出貨
** 補充包裝比樽裝用少70%塑膠