YOPE Shower Gel St. John's Wort (REFILL) / YOPE 聖約翰草沐浴露 (補充裝)
YOPE Shower Gel St. John's Wort / YOPE 聖約翰草沐浴露 - Xavi Soap

YOPE Shower Gel St. John's Wort (REFILL) / YOPE 聖約翰草沐浴露 (補充裝)

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St John's Wort Shower Gel contains the mildest cleansing agents and natural plant extracts which care for and regenerate the skin. Suitable for vegans, no animal ingredients.

Scent characteristics

A unique blend of warm notes, sweet chords and spicy aroma that will instantly relax you and put you in a wonderful mood.

Key ingredients:
Natural St. John's wort extract, top-quality mild cleansing agents.

How does it work?
The shower gel cares for the body and the senses. Its natural St. John's wort extract has antibacterial properties, rejuvenates the skin and promotes skin cell renewal. Top-quality mild cleansing ingredients purify the skin and are safe for the environment. The product has a neutral pH, so it does not cause irritation or dryness of even very sensitive skin.

What is the product free from?

St John's Wort Shower Gel does not contain parabens, SLES, PEG, SLS, silicones, colourants, no animal ingredients.

* Packaging in Polish language
** Refill packing used 70% less plastic than bottled product

聖約翰草沐浴露含有最溫和的清潔劑和天然植物提取物,可以護理和再生肌膚。 適合純素食者,不含動物成分。





* 產品以波蘭文包裝出貨
** 補充包裝比樽裝用少70%塑膠